New (very old) recordings


We’ve uploaded a couple of old tracks to our soundcloud. I’m not certain, but Island might still have the rights to the recording of Green Lights, so lets see if anyone notices! That version was recorded during the Sunshine/Stories session with Thursday/Taking Back Sunday (among others) producer Sal VIllenueva at Big Blue Meenie studios in New Jersey. Man we had a good time there… The Sandwiches… Sweet mother of Jesus, the sandwiches… anyway, we hope you dig them, we’ll be rooting around and hopefully we’ll uncover a few other hidden gems for you.

It’s edging ever closer…

The tracks are with the mastering engineer. He’s doing his business with the old mastering and so far so good, it’s sounding rocking. So that means that in the next week we’ll have it finished, and can start giving you little snippets. Which is probably the most relieving thing ever, short of relieving yourself at a service station after drinking a lot of beer on the motorway and being caught between little chefs. We’ve all been there.

THP in this months Rock Sound!

Well… Matt does a spot of moonlighting on our friends Lower Than Atlantis’ new album ‘World Record.’ Rock Sound has a song by song thing with Mike from the band in which we get a nice little name drop. So we’ve kind of been in Rock Sound this month. Can we get away with saying that?!

Judge for yourself.

THP @ the Safety Second launch night

We played Safety Second launch the other night and it was awesome.

check it out, heres a video. you missed out, seriously.

Safety Second is the label Matt is starting with Ned from the Dissociates, so you can expect releases from bands in not too long. The Dizzy’s e.p has just been finished, so keep an eye out for that.


We’ve got a site!!… well a blog, whatever…

For the first time in maybe about 5 or 6 years, the ‘Plan have a site! Woohoo!!

hopefully we’ll keep this updated, we’re not making any promises though… we’re occasionally, relatively busy people.